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Karen E. OsborneMaster Session – Part 1 Proven Practice + Innovations – Unworthy Activities = YOUR SUCCESS     Master Session – Part 2Looking ahead, you have lots of important decisions to make about your work. Join international speaker Karen E. Osborne for a half-day, experiential, interactive masterclass to help you do just that. You’ll discuss what strategies and activities continue to raise significant philanthropic investments. Together, you will examine innovations that emerged during the last 15 months and how you can strategically incorporate them. AND you will take a hard look at what you might let go. This is a ‘can’t miss’ opportunity. Practical and engaging, you will leave with a basket full of ideas, burnished skills, and revved up motivation.  
Wilma SlendersTrusted Advisor Relationships: A Research and Experience-based Perspective  Trusted advisor relationships are the pinnacle of relationships. Think about who you trust personally and what that relationship is like. Take that experience and feeling to your professional world to create them there.   For any professional, but particularly  fund development professionals, finding commonality, building trust quickly, and deepening the relationship with potential supporters, donors, and funders is of critical importance and may make the difference between building a legacy for your organization or not! Consider your relationship with supervisors, colleagues, and mentors in your career development. Join Dr. Wilma Slenders as she shares her research about CEOs and their trusted advisors, as well as, her personal experience as a trusted advisor to C-level executives. There is no magic formula; it requires focused attention and effort. Learn what enhances and builds trust and what negates and destroys it. Learn how executives view their trusted advisors and how they engage them. There are certain to be takeaways that you can implement immediately.
Sue McCoyThree freakin’ simple practical steps for Major Donor Success  This is not your typical session on the importance of cultivating a relationship, followed by the proper steps towards making an ask and then ensuring that you are thanking your donors. Yes, all of these steps need to happen but we all know that!! But what is really getting in the way from taking the necessary steps? Why are most fundraisers stuck behind their desks (or kitchen tables in this Covid world)?   What is holding us back from reaching out and connecting with prospects/donors? I will share with you the top 3 reasons why fundraisers are frozen. I will then share with you 3 things that can be done immediately to move your relationships forward. And finally, I will share a real life example using my 3 step approach to securing a major gift.   You are only one visit away from that exceptional gift that will make a lasting impact with your organization…so what are you waiting for? Join Sue McCoy for a lively and practical session on major donor strategies you can implement tomorrow.
Kara ExnerThink Like a Changemaker: A Guide for Navigating an Uncertain World  Changemakers are those who step up to make a positive difference in the world. Research shows, though, that not all changemakers achieve this by shaking the earth – it also comes from those who are committed to their purpose and continue moving forward, even when the future is unclear. The findings reveal they share several important mindset commonalities, including how they perceive themselves, how they relate to others, and how they are oriented to action. Based on her original research, Kara Exner will share what she unearthed about changemaker mindsets and the themes she has uncovered along the way. As fundraising professionals, you are changemakers yourselves, and you also work with changemakers every day. This session is designed to boost your curiosity, increase your self-awareness, and provide tips for how to leverage changemakers’ mindsets as we navigate a world chock-full of uncertainty.  
Ray Marshall and Bob Claxton 
How are you doing?
 “NO. I’m not doing well! I’m sick of this Covid thing. I just want it to end”. Sound familiar? I bet it does.
Covid hazy. Covid lazy. Covid crazy.
Which one are you? Or are you all three?
Our sector is spending huge amounts of time addressing the physical part of the pandemic, but the psychological aspects are given lip service.
Psychologists are warning us that the ‘PTSD’ like effects of this malady may be felt for years. In adults. In the elderly. And sadly, our children. Isolation disrupted routines at work and home is already taking its toll. And the worst is likely yet to come.
This session will draw on subject matter experts, live polls, a chance for a primal scream (oh yes, we are!), and breakout sessions where participants can ‘give voice’ to their frustrations with the New Ab-Normal.
The way out? We must help one another…as Benjamin Franklin quipped “Surely we must all hang together, or we shall all hang separately”.
Fundraise Up [SPONSOR]What a Donation Form should look likeEnhancing the donor experience through online optimizing using the latest technology in AI
Tony Myers & a cast of International speakersThe World of Philanthropy  Join us, as we literally take you on a fast-paced journey, live to Sao Paulo, Brazil where Mariana Sayat Chammas is fighting for aboriginal rights and saving the rain forests, to Kiev, Ukraine where Olya Kudinenko is importing locally unavailable medicines for kids with cancer and building a hospital, to Cape Town, South Africa where Sarah Scarth is leading capacity building for a world that needs to do better.   Yes, these three women, from three diverse locations on earth, are changing the world, by doing amazing things as they face incredible odds unknown to most of us who live a life of privilege here at home.   Join Tony Myers as he invites three treasured colleagues, live to the screen, to tell the story of their lives, and their work, in their own words.  Hear how three incredible women, dedicated to fundraising and philanthropy and making a difference.   Hear about three challenges to change that disrupt progress, globally Learn more about the unknown advantages of fundraising and leading the NGO sector in North America Consider how we can support women and changemakers globally  
Mazarine TreyzResisting Work: Laziness does not exist  Have you ever thought to yourself, I’m so lazy?    Ever wondered why no matter how hard you work, you still have this anxiety gnawing at the back of your mind?    What’s up with that?    Capitalism is designed to make you anxious, and get under your skin. We are taught that we have to work increasingly hard to survive. Articles get written about “can we even afford to retire?” and continue that anxiety.  Excessive labor makes us sick. And we do not have to work as hard as we do. But neo-liberal capitalism wants us to believe otherwise. Capitalism today consists of an uneasy mix of brazen destructiveness and implacable self-confidence, convinced we will soon be approaching a “best of all possible worlds.” But capitalism actually depends on what we in the non-profit sector provide- trust, good will, and non-transactional relationships.  Is it possible that we’ve outg`rown capitalism? What would a post-capitalist world look like? There is hope. We can escape neoliberal capitalism- come to this keynote and I’ll tell you how. 
Mazarine TreyzPushing Back: Rebuilding a more equitable non-profit sector  In a post-COVID world, we are all still so tired. There’s so much anxiety, grief, hopelessness, and sheer fog to move through, it’s a wonder we get anything done.    Pushing back against unrealistic expectations in this season, as we are emerging from COVID In this session, we’ll talk about research from Fundraising Effectiveness Project, Canadian Women’s Foundation and Ontario Nonprofit Network. Specifically we’ll look at how to make goals this year, how the pandemic has disproportionately affected women, and how to push back against unrealistic expectations.   In this session we’ll learn:  Why professionalism is a trap How to push back on coming back into the office Disengaging from identifying with your job  Changing the narrative of how you think about work Figuring out how to leave your job and more. Join us! 
Melody SongDonor Experience Design: A Case Study on Using Human-Centred Design in Fundraising  UX design had transformed our consumer experience in the past decade with a customized approach that seems to know us personally and making each moment in our purchase easier.  Imagine if we can visualize and analyze our donor’s journeys and interactions with our organization and maximize the outcome of their giving experience.     After moving from Calgary to Berlin Germany in the middle of a pandemic,  Melody Song’s first project in the new country was working with a large mentorship organization Rock Your Life to improve their donor’s online experience that eventually resulted in a 60% increase in online donation.   This interactive session will walk you through an example of Rock Your Life, and introduce practical methodologies like empathy mapping, journey mapping and service blueprint and show how fundraises can use the power of visualization to help improve every donor moment while interacting with your organization.  
Lyn RoyceFrom what “Appeals” to what “Appalls”  It’s rarely easy, fun or simple: the grant application process can be long, tedious, and is always highly competitive. A particular style of writing and case for support persuasion, this session will reflect on important aspects of grant writing, considering practical and conceptual aspects from the perspectives of both writer and reviewer. Calling in “the three musketeers” – to stay “en garde” and support creating an engaging proposal – perhaps you’ll discover a few “extra” things that just might notch up point scores with reviewers!   Participation Recommendation This presentation will most likely be of benefit to those with minimal or no experience, or with limited success, in submitting grants. However, wisdom and experience sharing is always most welcome and time for such exchanges is incorporated!  
Kathryn KolaczekFacing Cancel Culture: Moving Towards Accountability for Non-ProfitsIf getting cancelled isn’t part of your crisis planning, it needs to be. In a world where outrage travels fast and missteps lead to mob mentality, the list of organizations and individuals facing ‘cancel culture’ backlash grows longer by the day. Clients are demanding more transparency and social purpose from organizations than ever before, but getting it wrong (or doing nothing) can have serious consequences. And while managing non-profits in the age of cancel culture is uncharted te3rityor, addressing calls for accountability has become mission-critical for any public relations strategy to succeed. Non-profits are often called on to be trailblazers in their community, offering the critical services and supports that make the world a better place.   This session is designed for non-profit leaders who want to explore how they can take steps to live their value authentically and inspire positive change in their community.
Brent Barootes“How to Build a Sponsorship Proposal That Will Bring You Money in the Post COVID World!”This session has been developed to address three key issues. #1, what will the sponsorship world look like going forward? #2, what are the key digital and virtual sponsorship assets that will make us money and deliver results for our partners? And finally, #3, What does a successful proposal integrating #1 and #2 look like? The session will focus on the reasons why these three elements are key to your future success for sponsorship revenue and then how to maximize these opportunities in the “new world”. WE will have open questions throughout the session to ensure that we work toward a fully interactive and engaged session. Come prepared to work hear and take away the nuggets of gold for success.   Who Should Attend: It is pretty simple. If your present or pre-Covid sponsorship proposals were not at a 100% closing rate, this session is for you. If you close every proposal you present for top dollar… find another session to go to… you will have nothing to learn here. But if you are a Director of Development or ED / CEO you need to attend this session to understand what your team needs to do to accomplish a 100% closing rate in the new world. And if you are a front-line fundraiser working directly with sponsors and pitching an closing proposal… this session is a “must attend” so you can implement the right tools to be successful for your organization and your partners!  
Vincent DuckworthOMG! Your virtual engagement event was so fun!  Whether you are delivering a virtual strategic planning session for 12 board members or you are hosting upwards of 100 people (or more) for 90 minutes on Zoom, a flawless and authentic experience is everything.   Join us online as we share with you our secrets to delivering content that has guests not only wanting more but asking how you manage to make it happen. Vincent Duckworth and his team have and continue to deliver outstanding online experiences for the sector. Join him as he shares what it takes to bring 2D to life in the virtual world.  
Neil WilliamsStrategic PhilanthropyEngaging your donor on their entire philanthropic journey
Lynne WesterDonor Retention isn’t Speed Dating  The concept behind speed dating is to meet as many people as possible as quickly as possible—and 99% of them you’ll never see again.  Actually, that’s not too far off from the statistic that 80% of donors never make a second gift.  What can you do to develop a successful donor retention program, what works and what doesn’t, and how can you improve your retention rate?  Learn how to form a lasting relationship with your donors.